We’re Gifting-Away Two Free Tickets to Burning Man 2012!

Born From Playa

Ridejoy was founded in the summer of 2011 but our first big rideshare endeavor was actually called BurningManRides.com. We wanted to make finding a ride to the playa easier and more fun.

We threw up a simple barebones rideshare site and thanks to an incredible outpouring of support and love from the Burning Man community, we had over 1600 Burners sign up, posting over 1200 rides to and from Black Rock City. It was an honor to offer this gift for the 2011 Burn.

We found rides ourselves to the playa, camped with the Wigg Party Camp, danced aboard mutant art cars, climbed dubiously constructed structures, watched the fire dancers with glee and hugged a lot of people. Then we found a ride back to the default world through our site, flying back on a plane with a Burner named Michael who looked suspiciously like Indiana Jones (see above photo).

Back and Better Than Ever

Over the past year, we’ve worked hard to improve on our initial site. Our goal has always been to offer the friendliest and most easy to use rideshare service on the planet, and so we built features like partial route matching, reviews and references and secure online transactions. Since launching Ridejoy.com in the fall, we’ve helped thousands of people share rides all along the West Coast, and heard lots of awesome stories about their trips.

We’re excited to relaunch BurningManRides.com for 2012 and show off how much the service has improved over the past year.

Coming into a Few Extra Tickets

We always knew we wanted to head back to Burning Man(and bring any new Ridejoy team members along for the ride) so we were proactive in purchasing our tickets, jumping in at the first ticket lottery.

It turned out we got more tickets than we needed, and we know how fortunate we are for this given the awful ticket crunch this year. Many good friends have asked to buy these tickets from us at face value – far more friends than the number of tickets we have.

Rather than choose between friends, we thought best thing to do would be to gift these tickets back to the community. BurningManRides.com was what launched our foray into rideshare, so now we’re honoring that community.

Our Plan for the Burning Man Free Ticket Gift-Away:

  • Anyone who posts a ride on Ridejoy to Burning Man, or signs up for the gift away via the link on the BurningManRides.com home page is entered to win one of two free tickets.
  • We’ll close entries on August 1st, 2012 and announce two winners shortly thereafter.
  • It costs nothing to enter the gift away and we’re not making any profit off the rides posted on BurningManRides.com
  • That’s it! Tell your friends about BurningManRides.com, the best way to share rides to the playa and we might be gifting you a free ticket to this years Burn!
  • Click here to go to BurningManRides.com and enter!

Note: anyone who tries to “game” our gift-away by creating fake accounts or doing anything else sketchy will get banned =)

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AlexaExistent 5 pts

Oh wow, this is great. I already have my ticket, but boyperson doesn't have one. I requested a ride... hope it works out for me... and hope I win him a ticket. ^_^

co_samo 5 pts

I clicked "Sign Up to Enter" the contest. Then logged into the site with my ID. Is that all I have to do to enter the contest? I didn't see any link after I logged in anywhere, and returning to the homepage "Sign Up to Enter" link told me that I was "Already Logged In."


ridejoy 5 pts moderator

 co_samo Thanks for reaching out! Yep, all you need to do is click the "Sign up to enter" link, so you should be good to go. We'll try to make that clearer on the site. Good luck! 

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Thanks, Lea! :)

Lea Saslav
Lea Saslav

Great idea, and I loved reading about the history of RideJoy starting as a way to get up to Burning Man! :)