Best Resume Ever: How to Woo a Startup

This story, like all incredibly successful hiring stories, includes bad puns, elaborate presentation-proposals and one of the cutest kittens you’ll ever see. No, seriously, you’ve never seen a résumé like this one.

The backstory: After posting our Community Manager position last October, we received a ton of applicants, including the one and only Margot.

Like everyone else, she sent us her résumé and a cover letter with five ideas about developing the Ridejoy community. But then she went the extra mile and wooed us with the pitch above. This was our reaction:

We replied that same night and asked how she was going to top that in person. She mentioned something about a critically acclaimed one-woman pyrotechnics show.

After an interview, followed by a solid weekend of working together, we discovered Margot was the real deal. We made her an offer, so of course, we had to reciprocate with our own explanation of why she should join Ridejoy:

A bit over the top? Maybe a tad. But we get across how much we care. You can read more about how we think about hiring and culture at Ridejoy, or follow Margot on Twitter.

P.S. No, we don’t spend most of our time at Ridejoy making elaborate presentation-proposals. But if this made you feel like you’d want to work here (and only slightly disgusted), talk to us.

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