Best Resume Ever: How to Woo a Startup

This story, like all incredibly successful hiring stories, includes bad puns, elaborate presentation-proposals and one of the cutest kittens you’ll ever see. No, seriously, you’ve never seen a résumé like this one.

The backstory: After posting our Community Manager position last October, we received a ton of applicants, including the one and only Margot.

Like everyone else, she sent us her résumé and a cover letter with five ideas about developing the Ridejoy community. But then she went the extra mile and wooed us with the pitch above. This was our reaction:

We replied that same night and asked how she was going to top that in person. She mentioned something about a critically acclaimed one-woman pyrotechnics show.

After an interview, followed by a solid weekend of working together, we discovered Margot was the real deal. We made her an offer, so of course, we had to reciprocate with our own explanation of why she should join Ridejoy:

A bit over the top? Maybe a tad. But we get across how much we care. You can read more about how we think about hiring and culture at Ridejoy, or follow Margot on Twitter.

P.S. No, we don’t spend most of our time at Ridejoy making elaborate presentation-proposals. But if this made you feel like you’d want to work here (and only slightly disgusted), talk to us.

Psst: We're looking for our first engineering hire!
Refer a hire and you both get Ridejoy's Ultimate Collaborative Consumption Package!
$1000 credit for Airbnb, Taskrabbit, Grubwithus, Getaround, RelayRides, Skillshare, or more.
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carol_wilson 5 pts

Amazing concept and way of presenting yourself in front of employers. This is really unique and can stand you out in this competitive environment. Very fabulous sharing.

JoshMaher 5 pts

I know we are seeing a lot more alternatives to resumes, I talked about a few of the others on my blog but never ran into the company responding with their offer in a video. Nice work!

I'd be curious if you think that you'd be inclined to hire a sr. developer based on a video/presentation as well? Or similarly if any sort of quiz was used, do you think it would be fair for potential hires to publicly submit questions back to you like an RFP process?

tedgonder 5 pts


Anon9TYSYjUv 5 pts

Both of the SlideRocket presentations just show up as "loading", likely due to (intentionally) not having Flash. Would you consider providing direct links to the content?

NateStross 5 pts

So, I think that the resume by itself (without the soundtrack and slideshow) is quite impressive, and obviously what you're looking for as a company. However... don't you feel that having the "sliderocket" branding over everything is a bit unprofessional?Just my opinion really. I'd love to find out if other companies / employers aren't struck by this at all.

le_isms 6 pts

NateStross I don't find it unprofessional at all, is there a reason you think so? Would you be offended if it was a YouTube video?

Gregory Evans 5 pts

NateStross The whole Idea behind a community manager is just that. Using tools available for the social dissemination of great ideas, and developing channels for your community to grow into something strong. Using sliderocket simply and effectively show that she knows how to get things done on a comunity level.

Good hire.

NateStross 5 pts

Gregory Evans That's a fair point. I realize I may be too concerned with the branding of the app, especially when it's used well.

AnelyaGrant 6 pts

Aww - it's like a love story :))

jkb 5 pts

only that Spoon was a much better soundtrack than what you came up with :D

jasonshen 46 pts

jkb Haha, for the record, we had a vigorous debate on the song choice.

My latest conversation: Unless You Dare to Battle [quote] + Updates!

firesofmay 5 pts

This made me smile! :DLOVE IT!!

jennalanger 876 pts moderator

This looks like a match made in heaven! One of the best parts about being a community manager is sharing the company culture, and that you guys are doing. Can you find me another community manager like this? :) Keep up the fun!

jasonshen 46 pts

jennalanger Thanks Jenna! We did get lucky but as you know, the best CM's come from super passionate people who just love the product. Best of luck finding more for Livefyre - any CM hopefuls reading this, Jenna and the team are amazing!

My latest conversation: Unless You Dare to Battle [quote] + Updates!

ben 152 pts moderator

jasonshen Pssshht. jennalanger is way better than this fool. (jk, great resume!)

anonymousbastard 5 pts

Forget hire, I want to marry this woman.

cleverzebo 6 pts

Congrats on the funding round, dudes. Way to go.

Congrats guys on finding each other! Great story; really heartwarming. :)

Great SlideRocket presentations guys!

That's a damned impressive resume even without the presentation! I remember seeing someone at sliderocket do something very similar to land a position - but I don't think they got one back. Very cool.

What a beautiful response! I love seeing SlideRocket used in such fresh, creative ways :)

I love the presos and you guys rock!

WOW!!! I almost teared watching the reciprocated SlideRocket presentation... That is so sweet! Loved the last slide :) I can also attest to Margot's talent - Ridejoy is lucky to have her. Congrats to all FOUR of you :) Enjoy the journey together!

Conversation from Facebook

John J. Geis
John J. Geis

so great.

Jonathan Lee
Jonathan Lee

very well done. this is great. truly awesome.

Linda Peng
Linda Peng

You guys have sold me on sliderocket. :)


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